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by suegsusan ©    Minister's Wife
... "You don't have to do that!" she said. "Guests don't wash the dishes after dinner. Let's sit and relax for a while." "But I'd like to help you with the dishes, Audrey. And I don't want you to think of me as guest, rather as a neighbor and a friend. Come on," he concluded as he picked up some of the dishes off the dining table and headed for the kitchen. As she was washing the dishes and he was drying he suddenly said, "Has anyone told you, Audrey, that you are a very beautiful woman?" She could feel herself blushing as she replied, "Not in blunt terms like that." "Well I'm telling you," he said. "You're beautiful and you're sexy!" "David!" she exclaimed, so startled by what he had said that she dropped a cup which shattered on the floor. He took no notice of the broken cup. He continued, "There's absolutely no question about your beauty. It's breathtaking. And I'm sure I'm right about you being sexy too. You see I watch you very carefully every Sunday." She had now stopped washing dishes and stood staring at him. "What are you talking about?" she asked. "Well you see, one of the drawbacks of being a church organist is that you are supposed to listen to a sermon every Sunday. And I don't like sermons. So I sit on that little seat beside the organ and look out at the congregation trying to find something to take my mind off the sermon. Don't tell you husband that, though." She laughed. "Of course I won't tell him. T be quite honest my mind wonders a lot during the sermons. And please don't you tell that to my husband either." He laughed with her. Then he went on, "Now I don't have to worry about the sermon any more. I find that all I want to do during those twenty minutes every Sunday is to look at you and feast my eyes on your beauty. You have the most dazzlingly beautiful blue eyes set in the most beautifully crafted face, and although it's not always easy to see them from where I'm sitting, you have gorgeous legs. . ." "David," she interrupted, her cheeks now burning. "Don't interrupt," he said. "You haven't heard the best part. As I sit there and let your husband drone on with his sermon, I have this vision - this fantasy if you like - of undressing you and making passionate love to you. And the reason I think you're sexy is because in my fantasy you always respond with such passion. I haven't hear a word of the sermon for a month now." "I think you'd better go home now, David, before you make matters worse." She knew she was still blushing, and although she was horrified at what he had said, she couldn't help a stirring down there between her legs and she knew she had to get him out of the house. "OK Audrey, I'm going. I won't say any more tonight. I just thought it was fair to let you know what I'm thinking. So if you see me looking at you during the sermon next Sunday, you'll know that I'm mentally undressing you." He grinned with a charming boyish grin. "Good night, David," she said as she held the front door open for him. ..
by suegsusan ©
"Good night, Audrey." He put an arm behind her and kissed her full on the lips before she could pull away. "Thank you for a lovely evening." Next Sunday as Peter began his sermon Audrey looked over at the organist. He was looking right at her and smiling. As her eye caught his he winked. She turned her head away quickly as she felt the blush rising on her cheeks. She looked up at the pulpit where her husband was propounding God's word in a solemn voice. She hadn't heard a word he said, and even when she tried to listen she couldn't concentrate and couldn't get the drift of what he was saying. Her eyes slid back to David sitting beside the organ. He was still looking at her and smiling and she knew that he was mentally undressing her. "You'd really like me to kiss you now, wouldn't you, Audrey? All you have to do is ask!" Suddenly she blurted out, "Oh, don't be such a tease, David. Yes, I want you to kiss me." She threw her arms round his neck and kissed him full on the lips. Her sudden capitulation surprised him. But he quickly recovered and pulled her body closer to him as they kissed deeply. They explored one another's mouth with passion as he began to caress her breasts through her silk blouse. Suddenly he stood up. "I think you'd better go home," he said just as she was beginning to want more. "I promised you I wouldn't rape you, and I'm keeping my promise. You go and talk to Peter about you coming here for voice lessons. If he agrees, then perhaps we can find time during each lesson to explore some of my fantasies. You'd like that, wouldn't you Audrey." "I'd better go," she said. She gave him another kiss and walked home with her mind churning and her body giving her a host of mixed messages. Peter thought that it would be a great idea for her to get some free voice training from David and he liked the idea of her joining the choir. She phoned David to tell him. "Wonderful! How about tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. for your first lesson?" "I'll be there." She hung up, not daring to say more. She was there promptly at 2:00 p.m. the next day. David was very formal and the voice lesson, which lasted an hour, was handled with professional propriety. "That's a good start, Audrey. As I expected, you will become an excellent singer and before long you will be singing solos in church. Now to other things. A glass of wine?" "That would be nice!" she said. He filled two glasses with good white wine and handed her one. He raised his glass in a toast. "To us!" he exclaimed with a grin. "To us?" she responded, more with the intonation of a question than an exclamation. He drank from his glass. "Yes," he said, "To us! It is my sincere intention to make a great singer out of you. It is also my sincere intention, if you will allow me, to make a great lover out of you! Surely you know me well enough by now not to be surprised by that." She smiled at him. "No David, I'm not surprised. It's what I would have expected you to say. But I have to remind you that I'm a married woman. And what's more, I'm married to a minister. I've had it instilled into me all my life that adultery is wrong." "Oh my darling Audrey, of course it's wrong! That's part of what makes it such fun. It's wrong in principle, but in practice I know that you want me to make love to you. I don't want to force you. I want you to be a willing partner. So come now, give me a kiss, darling." She put her glass down. "God, David, you're persuasive! How can a girl resist you?" She walked over to him, put her arms round his neck and kissed him deeply and passionately. He pulled her body close against his own and she felt the stirring of his erection pressed against her. "Let's go up to the bedroom, darling," he whispered. He took her by the hand and she went with him without hesitation. As they stood by the bed together he said, "I've told you more than once that my weekly fantasy during the sermon involves me slowly undressing you, garment by garment, not in a tearing frenzy, but gently, delicately, revealing a little more of your beauty as each garment is removed. May I have your permission now to turn this fantasy into reality?" She kissed him again and said, "Yes. David, you have my permission." ..

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