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I'm just bored and lonely, my man never comes home and i just don't want to be alone. i'm looking for a friend of my own. if your into having fun, and not looking to get married or anything lasting. just want someone to play with and have fun. e-mail me
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Im a sexy blonde, tan, married women in search of a sexual friend with benefits!!...no strings....just meet occasionally for some great sex!!...i also have a fantasy of having my husband be in a room with me while im having sex with someone else!....but he would be out of sight and out of mind....kinda different..lol...but erotic!!....so if interested reply and lets see what happens..not really into meeting MULTIPLE men so if your looking for a one night stand im not the one...but like i said before im looking for a no strings ongoing thing!!!....
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we are a married couple. i am 5'6' bbw, he is 5'11' average build. we are looking for a female, male, or a couple who would like to experiment with us.
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I'm a m/w/f 5' petite 105lbs with long brown hair and green eyes, I'm looking for a nice man 21 to 40 years old and a nice thick 9' inch or larger cock for sexual pleasure,I'm very small, tight and like to talk alittle dirty when I'm in bed with a good cock.I am drug free and clean.I expect the same.Are you for Real,SERIOUS, AND 9' inches or MORE??? I am also very picky to whom I FUCK and I (DON'T) PLAY GAMES!! DON'T WAIST MY TIME IF YOUR NOT SERIOUS!! Send email adress and pic with reply!! No email,No pic?,No reply!! NO BLACKS, NO SHAVED COCKS!! View Profile
I'm looking for a well hung man or men that are 7' or longer to have a no holes barred sexual encounter. I crave anal and give oral to completion. Age and race are unimportant. Married men need not respond. Unless your wife wants to watch us or participate with us. Have a group? I'd love to be the center of attention at your next gangbang. View Profile
I am a clean cut attractive male who seeks others for adult fun. I would like this to be fun and free from emotional baggage. I just got my newest toy and would love to see it in action. I prefer women who are clean and seek total discretion, also would consider playful couples.
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by BigTexan ©   Missis Fantasy
... Right at the appointed hour, my doorbell rang. Lisa was waiting there, wearing a cropped white t-shirt and tight nylon shorts, and carrying a small duffel bag. She was looking very yummy, as her blue shorts set off her tan legs well, and I could see a strip of her flat stomach under the t-shirt. She had her long hair in a pony tail. I invited her in, and Lisa gave me a big hug then handed me a bottle of champagne. We put the champagne in the fridge, then I gave her the "grand tour" of our house. We ended up in the living room, and I poured some wine. We sat on the couch, and talked for a while as we drank our wine. I found out she was single, had been for a couple of months. She had been engaged and living with her fiance, but had come home early one day to find her fiance fucking her best friend in her own bed. She had thrown her engagement ring at them, taken her clothes out of the closet and left for good. She was happy in her new house, especially since she bought everything new. She said she hadn't wanted any of the things from the house she had shared with her ex, and I could understand that!!! I told her about John and myself, how we had met at college, how he had stayed at a bad job for an extra year, waiting until I graduated. Then we got married and both got new jobs in another city. Then we moved here, and he got the second promotion. And how lonely I got during the weeks he was gone. Lisa leaned over and hugged me. "Poor baby!" she said, "A newlywed, and left all alone..." "Well, thanks, after four years we're not really newlyweds, but I still miss him... And I am glad I have found a new friend. It's been tough, trying to find friends in a new town." Lisa looked me in the eye. "Yeah, I know, Monica, I moved here two years ago to be with my ex. I love it here, now, but it was difficult at first to make new friends." "Especially when we have both been working really long hours, trying to get established in our careers." "But now you are on your way... And you have made a new friend!" Lisa hugged me again, and I hugged her back. Her t-shirt rode up so that my hand slipped under it, and the soft skin felt very nice against my fingers. "So, shall we hit the tub?" I asked. "Sure... I wore my suit underneath my clothes. Of course, that's assuming you wear a suit..." Lisa said with a wink. "Actually, John and I NEVER do..." I said, and returned the wink. "Works for me... I love the feeling of the water against my skin!" Lisa said. ..

by jessijessi34 ©
We stood and she brought her duffel bag into the master bedroom. She tossed it on the bed, then I grabbed a couple of towels and we stepped through the sliding door onto the deck. We lifted the cover off the tub and set it aside. I removed my robe, then quickly stepped out of my tiny bikini. Lisa whistled when my suit dropped to the deck, and I felt happy that she obviously enjoyed looking at my body. I slipped into the tub and sat back to watch her undress. She took her time, pulling her t-shirt off to reveal a tiny top that barely covered her nipples and was so sheer that it was almost see-through. She slipped her shorts off, and the bottom of her suit was similar, just a tiny triangle of pale, almost translucent green fabric that almost covered her pussy but not much else. She turned around to show me that the back was just one string across her hips and another down the crack of her ass. My bikini was pretty small, but it looked like a full-on tank suit next to hers! "Wow, Lisa! What a hot bikini... I've NEVER seen one like that before!" My mouth got dry as I managed to croak out, "Lisa... You're the one with the hot body. I don't think I have enough curves, I'm not nearly as sexy as you are!" "Well, enough of that... Let's just say we're both sexy as hell and leave it at that, okay?" And with that, Lisa removed the tiny bikini to reveal an all-over tan, erect nipples and a completely shaved pubic area. She stepped into the tub, then sank down next to me. "Ahhhhhh... That's nice!" We talked and drank our champagne. Lisa seemed to know a million dirty jokes. We finished the bottle, and I asked if we wanted some more. Lisa said, "Sure, I'd love some more, I'm having a great time. I hope you are, too?" I hopped out of the tub, and wiggled my bare butt at Lisa. I went into the house to get the new bottle of bubbly, and when I came back I stopped at the sliding door from the bedroom. Lisa had slid down into the tub, and was scooting around the edge, laying back with her knees out of the water. I watched for a while: she would move, then stop for a few seconds, then move, then stop. I stepped through the door and asked, "What are you doing, Lisa?" She smiled and said, "Trying to find that one "special jet"! I know every tub has one, that jet that every woman wants to marry... Know what I mean?" I laughed and set the champagne bottle down, then slipped back into the tub next to her. "Hell, yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean! Let me show you." I had Lisa turn around so she was on her knees in front of my favorite jet. I stood close behind her and put my arms around her waist. I whispered into her ear, "Okay, now just lean back into me..." She leaned back, and I pressed my hips into hers from behind. She cooed softly and opened her legs a little wider as the stream of bubbles hit her. I leaned forward so my mouth was right next to her ear, and whispered, "Do you like that, baby? Is this what you were looking for?" She moaned and nodded, and began to move her hips forward and back, fucking herself against the water. I reached around and took her erect nipple between my finger and thumb and began to pinch it. I started moving my hips, in rhythm with hers... Away as she pushed forward, then pressing my pussy tight against her ass when she came back. It was almost like I was fucking her, even though I don't have a cock! I kept my mouth close by her ear, whispering, "I love getting fucked in the tub, the water feels so good streaming against my clit while John is fucking me, his big cock deep inside me..." and then ran my tongue around the inside of her ear. That was the first night of what has become a very hot relationship. We get together almost every night, and some times we actually make it into the hot tub! She is so fucking hot, I love her body and her sexy attitude. As you might imagine, John loves that I have found a girl friend. I have been constantly wet since that first night, and when John arrived home that Friday evening I practically raped him when he walked in the door! He has met Lisa, and he thinks she is hot, too. ..

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