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by BigTexan ©   Sharing My Girlfriend
My girlfriend stands at 5’6” and is a very attractive young blonde. At the age of 20, her whole body is in perfect proportion, soft skin, a sweet ass, gorgeous breasts, and one of those innocent faces that you just want to cum all over. Of course, she isn’t that innocent, I was her first and only lover in bed, until recent that is…. Susie often thinks that she’s not attractive looking and fails to notice guys staring at her. I kept telling her this all the time, so finally I told her to wear a short little skirt for a change and a low cut top to show off her delicate soft tanned skin. At first she just laughed at me, but when I persisted, she agreed to dress up that weekend. I knew that she’d finally notice guys staring at her now. She wouldn’t let me go shopping with her, and that Saturday night she got all dressed up and came out of her room to ask me how she looked. Well she looked very hot, she had on a black top that only covered her breasts and nothing more. Next was a short skirt that didn’t cling to her, but rested on her ass cheeks, creating a teasing site, one that would want to make you shoot your hand straight up her skirt! “Damn Susan, you’re looking amazing!!!” was all I could say, although my mind was doing overtime!! “Thanks, but I feel a little slutty like this” she replied. I quickly held her and gave her a deep kiss, while my hands went from her neck to her back and further on till they reached her skirt. My hands cupped both her ass cheeks as I ventured under her short skirt, Susie was wearing one of her usual little thongs and immediately I had a raging hard-on! Knowing how I felt, and feeling my hardness against her, she smiled at me and dropped to her knees. Immediately my cock was out and throbbing in front of her face. Susie licked the tip of my cock and slowly took the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around and around. I pulled her long blonde hair away from her face while keeping a grip on it to lever her on my hard cock. With one hand she grabbed the length of my cock and squeezed its hardness before she began to pull my member. With her other hand, she reached into my jeans and began massaging my balls in her hand. My head was spinning as I looked down at my girlfriend’s head bobbing up and down as she slowly began sucking me off. I caught a reflection of us in her mirror and saw her little skirt resting on her ass, her long blonde hair in my grip at her neck, and her blonde head bobbing up and down. Susie was a true expert cocksucker and soon I could feel my balls trembling. A huge orgasm hit me as I filled her hot little mouth full of sperm. Her lips remained tight around my shaft as she sucked and swallowed every last bit of spunk out of me. With that done, Susie stood up and smiled at me and said; “Now I feel like a right little slut!” To which we both burst out laughing. Just looking at her cocksucking lips on her innocent face made me stir again. Susie then put on her black high heels, and we made our way down to the local bar, with my hand firmly on her ass cheek as passers by stopped and stared. Finally she was noticing and I could feel that it was getting her turned on. We had arranged to meet up with my best friend Dave and we had our usual drinking session as we do every Saturday night. The three of us had our own little booth to ourselves by the wall. We talked and joked all night long, enjoying the drink, the chat and the atmosphere. After a few drinks, I explained to Dave about Susie and how she was dressed up that night. Susie was a little embarrassed but the drink was getting to her and she didn’t seem to care after a while. I even lifted up her skirt to show Dave her sexy thong. After closing up, all three of us went back to our place, and while Dave and Susie sat in the lounge, I went into the kitchen to fix up more drinks. On my return, I laughed to myself as I found Susie standing in front of Dave with her ass in his face, asking him if she really was that good looking. Dave could only sit and stare at her. I put the drinks on the table and stood at Susie’s side. I began kissing her on her neck and nibbling at her ears, as I know this makes her horny, and her nipples all stiff. At the same time I cupped one breast in one hand and cupped one ass cheek with my other hand. By doing this I was offering Dave a ripe view of Susie’s ass. Soon Dave was standing on the other side of Susie, we were both cupping an ass cheek each and a breast each. At the same time we were kissing and nibbling at her neck. I could sense Susie’s excitement, and I brought my breast hand slowly down across her smooth stomach and continued down to her thigh. Then I moved my hand back up so it was now under her skirt. I felt the silkiness of her black thongs and gradually began to rub her lips. I began slipping my fingers in to wet them before I started to rub her clit. Dave had the same idea and soon he was fingering her while I was rubbing her clit. So there was Susie, standing in the living room, with a guy either side of her, feeling her up. She couldn’t believe this was happening, she looked to her left and gave me a big long kiss, then she looked to the right and gave Dave a big long kiss too. I could feel her excitement building up and finally her whole body shook as she reached her first orgasm of the night. Her knees shook but myself and Dave supported her in our firm grip. At this stage me and Dave were rock hard and we were both prodding into Susie’s side. We quickly stripped her, then stripped ourselves. I sat down on the couch and brought Susie sitting down on top of me. Facing away from me, she quickly got the idea and she started sucking on Dave’s cock. Dave grabbed her by the head and starting forcing his way into her mouth, while I sat back with her perched on my cock bouncing her up and down, watching her suck my best friend’s cock. All of a sudden, Dave pulled out his glistening cock, and suggested we change positions. Dave sat on the couch, only this time, Susie sat on Dave while facing him. She raised her ass in the air and brought herself down on Dave’s cock. Susie started riding his cock, Dave was sucking on her nipples, leaving me with no alternative, but to fuck my girlfriend up the ass. My cock was pretty lubricated from her pussy and I lowered self down and rested my knees on the edge of the couch, with Susie’s ass in front of me now. I rubbed the tip of my cock between her sweet little ass cheeks, and finally put it to her asshole. She moaned hard and as I watch her enjoying my best friends cock, I felt a little jealous. I shoved my cock as far up as I could at first, I know it hurts, but she deserves it. Then I put one hand on the small of her back and pushed down, the other grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back. This forced her ass upwards to meet my thrusts, and pushed her breasts into Dave’s face. All the time she was leaning onto the top of the couch for support as she serviced two cocks at the same time. I don’t know what time we stopped at that night, but we went on and on for ages in every position we could think of. As was expected, the next morning was a bit tense, and while Dave was downstairs in the kitchen, I spread Susie face down on the bed and screwed her up the ass again. Dave must have heard us as he had a big grin on his face when we came down. Dave said his farewells and thanked both of us for the night, especially Susie. Susie told Dave that he should come over more often, to which we all laughed. Before Dave could leave, Susie gave him a great big kiss at the front door, next thing I know, Dave’s cock was out and Susie’s was sucking hard on it. Dave let out a wail as he pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Susie’s face. Dave quickly left, leaving me with my cum drenched girlfriend, whom I quickly took to the shower for some more fun. But that’s another story.

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