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I'm a sexy Italian brunette...I'm looking for a woman/couple to satisfy my needs and vise versa...c-ya, kisses on your neck & ???. ps. If chemistry is there, we can exchange emails, pics and telephone numbers...Jenna.
I am a MWF, married to a very conservative husband. I am looking to have discreet sexual encounters with men who are not conservative, who can let go and show me a wild time. I prefer men between the ages of 18 and 40, tall and weight proportionate. Race is unimportant.
Couple For Females and Select CouplesI am interested developing a relationship with another women or a couple. My husband travels on business most of the week. He and I have mutually agreed that my friendship and sexual relationship with a local couple or lady would make us both happy. I also enjoy writing and exchanging erotic email, fantasies and real experiences . I am a fit athletic lady, 36-24-34, black hair and blue eyes. I would love to have an exciting email and picture exchange leading to a relationship with a sexy couple or female.
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by BigTexan ©    Lifestyle Entrance With Friends
... Finally as Allison and Scott had heard a car pull in the driveway as they were sitting playing a game on the computer to calm their nerves down. A knock on the door and Scott walked over and opened the door and in stepped Kimberly and then came in Alex. Allison and Scott's stomach started to churn with butterflies because the four of them had been such close friends and a week ago they found out that they were all swingers and they were going to swing for the first Scott together. They all ate supper and it was a great success everyone liked it all. After supper they decided to sit and listen to music and shoot the shit for a little bit to break the ice and stress amongst them all. After a while Scott stood up and got the cards out and asked "does anyone other than me wanna play some set back." Alex stood up and said "sure I do and then the two beautiful women agreed and they walked to the kitchen also. After a game of setback Scott was handed the cards and looked at his partner Alex and said " well they said I was to deal but never said what game so how about some strip poker." Alex looked over at Allison about the same Scott I looked at Kimberly and said "sounds perfect to me." So Scott dealt the cards and they played a nice game of strip poker, Kimberly was the first to lose all of her close and Scott and Allison had a hard Scott not staring at Kimberly's amazing body. Soon Alex ran out of clothes also and sat at table butt ass naked. Somehow the four of them ended up in the living room shooting the breeze and Kimberly was sitting on everyone's lap. She sat on Allison lap and Allison just couldn't keep her hands off of her. She started to rub her tits and then suddenly sucked on them a bit. Alex looked at Allison and Kimberly and said "I would love to see you two eat each other so Kimberly sat on Alex's lap while Allison went down on her shaved tiny pussy. She buried her face deep into her pussy while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Allison spread her lips apart and slowly slid a finger inside her tight pussy moving it in and out gently making sure to hit her special spot on the way in and out. Kimberly started to squirm around on Alex's lap as Alex and Scott just sat there watching the show...

by soaringeagle ©
Then Kimberly got up and told Allison to lay down and she went down after that sweet taste of pussy of Allison. Alex stood up and said " I don't know about you Scott but I can't handle sitting here watching anymore," as he got on his knees at the top of Allison's head and Allison started to suck his hard throbbing cock deep inside her wet warm mouth. Scott went behind Kimberly and said " I was waiting for you didn't want to seem to pushy by making the first move on your wife," as he bent down and started to lick and suck on Kimberly tight pussy from behind. The four of them had actually formed a chain right in the middle of the floor. A little later you could hear the sounds of Alex moaning and panting as Allison was sucking and stroking his hard cock to the point of no return. Shortly after the moans Alex left out a sigh of relief as he shot his white creamy load deep inside Allison's mouth as she gulped it all down like it was a vanilla milkshake. Meanwhile Scott was still licking and finger fucking Kimberly as she was licking and rubbing Allison's clit and finger fucking her pussy. Kimberly started to finger Allison's pussy harder and faster rubbing her finger all over the inside of her pussy Allison started to squirm around and the sounds of moaning was getting louder and louder as Kimberly was getting closer and closer to making her cum all over her finger. Allison let out a deafening moan as Kimberly made her reach to her climax by sucking on her clit and flicking it with her tongue, and Allison came all over Kimberly's face making it wet and shiny from her love juices. Alex and Allison got off the floor and said " okay Scott let see you make Kimberly cum," as they sat on the couch smoking a cigarette watching the view. Scott laid Kimberly down and laid himself down between her milky white legs and stated to lick and suck on her clit while fingering her tight pussy. Scott looked up and seen his beautiful wife getting fucked by Alex and watched a little bit and was enjoying the view when suddenly he felt hands from below pull him closer. Kimberly looked at him and he knew what she wanted so he spread her lips apart and slides his hard prick deep inside her tight pussy. As the two men continued to pump harder and harder Scott could hear pure satisfactory sounds coming from his wife and Alex could hear the same from his. Alex then let out yet another sigh of relief as he shot his sticky creamy filling all throughout Allison's inviting pussy and at the same Scott Allison let her juices flow from the inside out all over Alex's softening cock. Kimberly went to stand up and had to take hold of Scott because her legs felt like Jell-O, and said " Damn Scott you made he weak in the knees". Allison looked and chuckled and said "yea he has that affect on people at times, he makes me that way quiet a bit." Well the night was late and the four had to work in the morning so they all talked a little bit and Alex and Kimberly decided it would be better for them to crash there for the night and leave from there for work in the morning. So they all went to sleep and dreamt about what had happened for the first of many times to cum. ..

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