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success story
Thank you. I have met someone really really special and feel so blessed. We would never have met without online dating. It is so totally amazing to me how compatable we are and how much we have in common. Thank you.

Vegas cpl looking for Same or Females Married cpl, she 36,5-6,blonde,green,36DD,shaved,bi-curious.He very young 55, looks 45,5-11,195,brn,blue,str8,loves to give oral.Having hard time finding the right couple,are you the ones??lets find out.He is safe and prefer not to use comdoms,your choice. Looking for a married couple in the vegas area,dont have to be Ken & barby,just nice people not pushy and interested in meeting for a drink and maybe some great sex if all click.Wife is shy at first but very interested in same room group sex.Very curious about a womans touch and wants to try.

First Date Sex
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My first experience swinging
My first experience swinging was while I was blindfolded and tied to the bed on all fours with a leg spreader and a butt plug inside me. He left me tied with my legs open and my ass in the air for ...
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single & Fun to play with
Single male looking for FUN.Straight not even curious about men.Slightly overweight but not too point of nausea.Any ladies want to find out what real fun is? Lady or ladies loooking for some fun & excitement.Blondes,BRunettes, redheads or any & all combos.Thin to slightly overweight.Must be fun...
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looking for open minded woman and couples
Were a couple who are into threesomes i am tall with brown hair and eyes she is 5'7 120 brown hair brown eyes and is bi curios we would also like to meet couples we want woman who live in the kentucky area who are into group sex and threesomes and have a decent build and couples who are into group sex.View Profile with photo
New to the Game and Waiting
He is 5'9' and weight 160. She is 5'6' and bbw. Both are very clean and d/d free. We are definitely not the Ken and Barbie type so if that is what you are looking for don't bother us. We are open, honest and straightforward. Looking for possible long-term friendship as well as sexual pleasure. Looking for a couple (man & woman) for group sex (3 or more). Someone who is honest, sincere, funloving, outgoing and not hung up on looks or themselves. Someone who is interested in friendship as well as sexual fun. Honesty and d/d free a must.
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Swing stories
My first experience with multiple partners took place while I was in graduate school. Before I go into the details, let me explain why I didn't call it a gangbang. To me, that term describes a situation where the men are in charge and the woman is just used. While I do enjoy the feelings of being overwhelmed at times, I also prefer to be a contributor to what happens and have a say in who, how, when, and whatever. That's my preference, so I'll call it multiple partners. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let me fill you in... Larry and I had been married for about 14 years. When it became apparent that we were going to remain in one place for a period of time (he was a career submariner), I decided to go back to graduate school. While I was there, I became a member of a group of graduate students, men and women, ranging from early 20's to mid-30's. It seemed like most of us worked at a local hospital laboratory while in school, during the evening shift. Since my husband was often away, I was free to join in the group's Friday night afterwork get togethers. During the summer, these were usually at the home of one of the group who had a pool; during colder months, we met at either our hottub or one of the other students who also had a tub. The basic idea was to unwind, relax, and recover from what was usually a long week. Booze flowed, along with occasional other controlled substances... I should say that Larry and I were not novices as far as the hot wife or swinging lifestyle was concerned. We had often enjoyed experiences with others, usually of the MFM variety, but occasionally MFMF. So, I wasn't the conservative Navy wife that I might have appeared to be. We we just very discrete and choose our partners carefully and privately. On the particular Friday, we had gathered at our house. There was a group of 12 to start, 8 men and 4 women. Larry was at sea, so I was on my own. Things went pretty much as they normally did for these events - folks got into the booze quickly along with the tub. As the night wore on, there were few folks who retained their inhibitions. Being in the tub was a real treat - there was no lack of subtle caresses of my breats or belly or thigh or brushes by an obviously excited cock. As the night went on, the heat continued to rise. Somewhere after about 2:00 am, I realized that some folks had left and I was the only woman remaining with 5 men. That was fine by me, I was feeling very relaxed and comfortable with my good friends, not to mention very excited by now. We were all in the tub, me between Mike and Rob, with Roland, George, and Ed arrayed around the tub. Mike and Rob were occasionally stroking my thigh or draping an arm around me, but nothing very overt. I figured it was an opportunity not to be missed, so I leaned forward and slipped off the top of my bikini with the comment that I normally didn't wear anything in the tub and this felt better. The guys looked surprised that I was so open about exposing my naked breasts, but didn't waste much time in upping the anty. Without removing his eyes from my bare chest, Roland stood up and calmly removed his suit. He is about 6'8" tall and very large, with a cock to boot. It wasn't completely hard, but getting there - as he sat down,it was standing out from his body and very thick. He didn't say a word, but his look challenged me as though to see how far I was willing to go. I didn't react, but just watched his body as he slipped back into the water. With that, Mike also stood up and removed his suit just inches away from me and paused for a minute to show off his erect and uncut cock. I felt Rob slide his hand up my thigh to rub my pussy through my suit. After sitting down, Mike slid an arm around me and began to massage my nipple. Shortly after, George, Ed and Rob also were naked. Mike slid his hand into my bottoms and began to finger me, then he gently suggested that I should be nude also, stood me up and stripped off the bottom of my bikini to expose my smooth pussy and swollen lips. He then lifted me to the side deck of the tub, laid me down, and started to stroke my pussy, play with my lips and stimulate my clit. At this point, I was gone! I couldn't have stopped if I'd wanted to and I didn't want to! I heard the other men moving in the tub and soon both nipples and breasts were being massaged and caressed, I had a tongue in my pussy and other hands roaming my body. I was on fire! My nipples were so hard they hurt. I was so wet that if I hadn't been dripping from the tub, there still would have been a puddle under me. I enjoyed the sensations for a while, then I felt a cock pressing my lips - opening my eyes, I saw it was George offering mehis very hard and thick black cock. This was also a first for me! I'd never made love with a black man before - no reason, just hadn't happened. I remember opening my mouth and licking the head then wrapping my lips around George's cock, which he proceeded to slide into my mouth and stroke in and out. It was wonderful - hard, hot, thick, and filled me completely. Hands took my thighs and gently spread my legs. Two hands fondled me and played with my pussy - then I felt a cock entering me - I couldn't tell who it was because of George, but it also felt wonderful and I was full. Then, a hand guided my hand to another cock that felt like a baseball bat - it turned out to be Roland. As I said, he is a very large man and was proportionally endowed. I could wrap my hand around his cock, but not by much. It was so big and he was so hard! Things went on like this for a bit, then I felt the man in my pussy swelling and the hot injection of his sperm. He slid out of me (it turned out to be Ed) and George moved to take his place. I remember Mike moving to offer his uncut cock to me - I'd neve r played with one before and was fascinated by the feeling of his foreskin sliding on and off the head. I loved the feeling - it was exciting me no end. Uncircumsized men are now one of my favorite sensations. You can imagine how things progressed through the night. I was absolutely overloaded - I couldn't get enough sex. I had orgasm after orgasm - at one point I remember feeling a continuous series of climaxes - one after another after another! I sucked three of them while they sat on the side of the tub, while another was buried in my pussy from behind. Then we moved inside to the family room. There we had a futon which was unfolded so we could continue - I straddled Roland and finally managed to get him fully inside, while another cock was offered to my lips. Shortly after I felt my anus being fingered. I'd had anal sex before and sometimes enjoyed it, but this was leading to a double penetration. It was hard at first, but turned into a wonderfully hot experience - I was now almost oblivious to who was where - I just wanted more and more! I started to move from one to another as each climaxed, telling them what I wanted and who and how. We continued on and on through the night - I don't know when I finally wore out, but I did. I woke up early in the morning sprawled partially across Mike with George pressed against my back. I was tired, sore, but very satisfied. My first experience with several men was the best it could have been. It left me feeling like I'd experienced something beyond anything I'd imagined - not used, not abused, but very special - a feeling I've sought to achieve many times since - successfully.
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