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by BigTexan ©    Like Mother Like Daughter
Mark cradled his head in his hands. The warm wetness on his cheeks shocked him. He looked up at the few strangers sharing the Airport gate with him. None of them seemed to have noticed him at all. He was alone. How alone would he be once he got home. The image of his wife burned in eyes and the tears rolled from his eyes again. How could he have done it? How could he have been unfaithful to the best woman he'd ever met. The scene from the night before skipped and danced through his mind. The bar, the dancing, seeing Trisha sitting with two other girls. Even Greg, his buddy, had noticed her. "Hey that girl looks just like your wife!" Greg had nudged him and pointed, but Mark had already become fixated on her. It had been two weeks since he had been with his wife, Linda. She was the love of his life, he adored her, had adored her since the day they met just over a year ago. A whirlwind romance and marriage. Long honeymoon that didn't seem to end when they got back home. Then the trip to Houston, a two week class just far enough away from his home in Austin that he couldn't commute. Two weeks without Linda, and that girl across the room looked so much like his wife. Yes she was younger, by maybe fifteen or sixteen years, but they could have easily been sisters.Before he knew what was happening Greg had grabbed him and drug him over to the girls table. Introductions were made and drinks were bought. Mark learned that her name was Trisha, she was eighteen, almost nineteen. A freshman in College, but she liked older men. Flowing red hair, pure white skin, a faint sprinkling of freckles on her face, she was so beautiful. Then he'd looked into her eyes. God, she had Linda's eyes, gray with just a hint of green. He'd looked away, fighting for salvation. Her mouth, full and beautiful; seductive. Her breasts, smaller than Linda's and firmer. With growing horror Mark had realized that she was braless under the tight t-shirt. He had fought to keep his eyes up and again sank into the beauty of her eyes. The night sailed on and soon the bar was closing. The two girls gave Greg a ride to their hotel and he was left with Trisha. She needed a ride, he needed a miracle. Trisha got what she needed, Mark was out of luck. ..
by BigTexan ©
... At her small apartment she kissed him, softly on the lips. He wanted to leave, screamed at himself to walk away and return to his hotel room. He wanted to be faithful to Linda. He wanted to be strong and resist this temptation, but he'd stayed and the kiss turned into two, then three. Then they were on the sofa, holding each other. Trisha slid her fingers over his ring and removed it from his hand. "You won't need this tonight." Her words had shocked him and he'd almost found the strength to leave her, but then she had leaned closer and breathed on his neck and his willpower had evaporated. The night was sensual, sexual, bliss mixed with agonizing guilt and shame. Now he sat in the airport waiting for his flight. A short two hour trip from heaven straight into the hell he'd made of his life."There you are. You must have got an early start." Greg clapped him on the back and collapsed into the seat beside him. "Uh, oh. You hung over from last night? Damn you should have come with us. Those two girls I left with were wild with a capital wild! I feel like I've been fucked near to death." Mark looked up at his friend. Greg was one of those guys who never considered consequences and never seemed to suffer them either. Right at that moment he hated Greg and that emotion forced his guilt aside for a moment. "I can't believe you left me with her, you asshole." "Whoa, buddy, looked to me like you wanted to be left. Don't try to blame me if you fell off the fidelity wagon. You been way to pussy whipped anyway. Shit, as nice as that little bitch looked you should be thanking me." "Don't call her a bitch!" "Oh shit, don't tell me ... oh fuck! You're in love with the little slut!" Greg's eyes went wide and then a smile crept onto his face. "So you gonna keep seein' her?" "Fuck you asshole." "You are!" Greg laughed and grabbed Mark's shoulder. "Damn man you are the stud. I should find you more redheads. Damn you could have a wee Irish harem." "Fuck you asshole." Mark dropped his head into his hands again. Greg was right. He'd already memorized Trisha's phone number and agreed to call her once he got home. He could still see her standing in the doorway of her apartment, with just a loose t-shirt on, telling him goodbye."Call me. I want you to. I won't call you or cause any problems for you, but I really want you to call me." Her tears had been real and so had his, even as he promised. The flight home took less than two hours and Linda was there waiting for him. Damn she was lovely, thirty-four years had done nothing to fade her beauty. Mark tried to act natural but Linda quickly picked up on his somber mood. "Is there something you want to tell me about?" Linda asked once they were home. Her pensive eyes and pale face revealed that she had guessed at the problem. "God, I'm so sorry Linda." He watched her face pale even further. "I love you and I never meant to hurt you." "What was her name?" Linda's voice was cold as ice and held an edge he'd never heard before. "Trisha. It was just one night, a mistake. I don't know how it happened. I didn't want it to. God please forgive me Linda, I love you." His tears flowed again and he bowed his head and sobbed. He didn't see her eyes go wide and then narrow again. "Look at me." Her voice was full of steel and he looked up at her. He looked up. "So you fucked her?" He nodded. "Are you going to see her again?" He didn't answer. He wouldn't lie to her and he didn't know if he could resist calling Trisha. Linda waited and then stood up. "You son-of-a-bitch! You ask me to forgive you while you still plan on seeing her." Greg looked up and she slapped him hard, leaving an angry mark on his face. ..

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