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For a bi-sexual atl meeting with a couple or
Single Bi female Mistress. limets have not yet been
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Lovely lady seeking hot sexy and horny men for afternoon tension release. I am married and bored, but I have the daytime to spice things up if anyone is intrested. I could maybe even get away on some nights. Well you think about it, and let me know if you're up for making a lonely housewife have screaming orgasms. I know I am.
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   by soaringeagle © Lifestyle Entrance With Friends
Allison and Scott were married for 5 years and had 3 beautiful boys. They were happy as could be with their marriage. They had a very open and honest marriage, and could tell each other everything and anything. Allison and Scott were getting ready to meet a couple that they had graduated High School with and Allison looked at Scott and said "honey can you imagine Kimberly and Alex ever being swingers." Bob replied with " Fuck no not in a million years would I have expected that, especially Kimberly." "Do you remember when and how we got into the lifestyle Scott," Allison asked. Scott said "yeah I do and it was actually your doing. MINE?" Sandy questioned. "Yeah yours, you remember" Scott exclaimed. A year and a half ago you were in a frisky mood and you went to the adult toy store and bought a movie and brought it home to watch for us to watch without me knowing about it. It was called American Swingers. You had heard all kinds of good things about the swinging lifestyle and wanted to find out more about it so you decided to watch the movie to learn more. I had no idea what he was in store for that night after the kids were fast asleep in their little beds. You threw on your sexiest outfit you had at that Scott; you sure do have a lot more now, anyway, you lay in bed with on leg over the other like a model in a porn magazine. So I walk into the room and turn on the lights to see my beautiful wife laying there in her black lacy nighty and garter on with the TV turned on. When I climbed into bed beside you, you grabbed the remote and told me to lay back and enjoy the movie with you. You said to me " the movie is something that I heard someone talk about and wouldn't mind trying it if we both agree on it together." ..
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Sexy young bi wife seeking other young bif select hot young couples for live meeting at local hotel lounge meet over drinks get room ? young hung blk men wanted .
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I am a Sexy Sensous young woman looking to please a man ENTIRELY! I promise once your with me you wont want to go back :)
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by soaringeagle© Lifestyle Entrance With Friends
...The movie played and it was about the lifestyle of swingers and it told stories about how they each got into the lifestyle. There was a lot of fucking with other spouses and in threesome situations and then one hell of a big orgy. The people in the story were talking about why and how they became swingers and told a little bit about their experiences and the one couple just stuck with me for some reason. They only swung as a couple that way they could see the satisfaction that their spouse was getting from another person and for the simple fact of it being a lot safer. " After the movie was over we lay there a while and talked about the movie and our thoughts about becoming swingers and I looked deep into your beautiful hazel eyes and said to you I think I would really enjoy that type of lifestyle especially sharing the lifestyle with you. Then you looked into my blue eyes and said "cool but it will be as a couple ONLY, no individual swinging." And I agreed 100% with your idea and feelings toward it. Then a few months later after talking on the Internet we met our first couple and we met them halfway. " So see I remember it like it was just yesterday that you brought the movie home." Allison looked at Scott in awe that he remembered the whole night as if he wrote it down and studied it for a month so he knew it to the "T," and said very good honey I am very proud of you that you remember it that well." Scott looked at his watch and exclaimed "holy fucking shit they are going to be here in a half-hour and we aren't even dressed yet." So they hurried up and threw some nice clothes on and went out to the kitchen and checked on the filled shells that were going to be for dinner. They were going to have salad and bread and filled shells for dinner along with Kimberly and Alex. ..

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