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Jackie's Story
There are two women who do not know it yet, but their lives are about to intersect directly, fatefully, forever. Jackie was all alone at Christmas one year and a friend told a friend about Jackie. Before Jackie knew it there was this woman calling her at work talking about her pets, Santa gifts and a Christmas tree. So Jackie agreed to meet with this lady, Katie, and it was like an instant bond that formed between the two. Katie was married, was successful in her career as a Pastor, but Jackie knew she was the woman she'd always dreamed of, thought of, but didn't think exsisted. She always knew very early on where Katie's boundaries stood, no hugging, except special occasions, Katie not sharing her personal feelings about certain things, not just to Jackie, but to the congregation. Jackie didn't want to hurt Katie or make her uncomfortable. She was afraid if Katie knew the truth she'd leave like all the people in her life before her. And she just couldn't take another person, especially a woman leaving her. But much to Jackie's amazement, Katie did not forget about Jackie. In fact, she met with Jackie weekly and they got to know each other better. Jackie found it hard to trust Katie because of her abusive home situations and her mom's ultimate betrayal (staying with her 2nd husband after finding out he abused Jackie). But Katie wouldn't relent. She wanted to "Crack that nut" open, to get Jackie to trust her. She shoved her way into Jackie's life, whether she liked or not. Most of time Katie's involvement in her life was welcome and Jackie became a passenger and shopping partner when her free time allowed her to go. She also found herself offering more of herself and her time at the church, which she joined approximately 4 months after meeting Katie and the Church. Jackie also found herself growing and letting go of old misgivings of people's deceptions and betrayals. She felt she owed all this to this to Katie. She sort of put Katie up on a pedestal, but at the same time Jackie knew Katie had flaws. She could deal with those. What was hard to deal with after each passing day was the fact that Jackie was jealous of Katie's husband. He got to hold her, kiss her, make love to her, talk to her, live with her, know her inner most thoughts and fears and she knew him like the back of her hand and they both cared that much for eachother. It was hard for Jackie to watch so much love, but yet she was inspired by her feelings of falling in love with Katie. She didn't know when or how, but she knew she feel hard head over heels for Katie somewhere along the line. Something that wasn't planned. This hurt Jackie deeply because she loved Katie so much but there was only so much a woman can do in a situation like that. But she wouldn't give up the chance at finding what true love was, no matter what! Maybe some day there would be another Katie. God only knew.

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Married and looking for some Fun

Married couple seeking some extra excitement in life. We are seeking other couples or females to hang out with and see what may happen.We like the outdoors, movies, clubs,sports, camping to name a few.We are inexperienced at this so a couple or female that is already into the "swinging" lifestyle would probally be are ideal match.

Couple exploring

We are a couple looking for some exploratry type swinging. This is limited to guy-guy girl-girl type thing. We would love to explore our sexuality more. This includes three-somes with a guy, three-somes with a girl, and four-somes with a couple. We are more than will to give face pics to people we feel are serious and interesting. We are looking for a man a girl or a couple. The most important thing is that this is disreet and similar too our interests. This means only m/m interaction or f/f anything else is our discetions.

Very adventurous Couple, looking for the same.

We are looking for REAL couples that swing or are open to new adventures. No bullshitters need respond please. Leave the games and lies in someone elses box. Now to what we are looking to meet. People who are into the lifestyle that we are into. We are a very much happy and in love couple just looking for some adventure and spice. 3somes or other couples welcomed. Honest attractive in a strong relationship if married. No playing games, and not looking for relationships. Playing is one thing trying to have relationships on more than a sexual level is off limits. D&D free discrete.

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