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She lay there, unable to move. The bindings that held her wrists and ankles, taut. The blindfold cutting out any light, but not stopping the sounds of breathing. How many? She were unsure, all she knew that it started at three, two men held her down as the third lashed her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. her clothing removed, not kindly, ripped and torn. The panties, sheer silk panties, ripped from her body. Total exposure of her shaved pussy, total exposure to her full breasts.

It was a quiet night, her sat alone at home, looking at the clock. He was late, again, as usual. her knew, damn well knew that he would roll up home, blasted, hammered.

That's why her had opened the bottle of wine, well, the second one to be truthful. The words of 'Fuck the son of a bitch' escaped her mouth as her uncorked the smoked bottle, pouring the chilled contents into the empty glass. Her mind half on the television, the other half on the clock. 'Fuck him'.

Draining the glass, Amy lit a cigarette, took a deep draw before refilling the glass. She giggled as she looked at the screen. The man's cock was about to sink deep into the blonde's pussy as she busily took another in her mouth. 'Bitch' Amy said out loud, giggling again. 'Lucky fucking bitch' she hissed and then burst out into a raucous laugh as she took another deep draw of the cigarette and yet another large gulp of the wine.

Sprawling back on the couch, the soft pink robe fell open to reveal her matching set, the sheer silk panties, sheer matching brassiere. Amy looked at the 'bitch' taking the huge thick cock deep into her pussy, heard her say 'Yes, yes, fuck my cunt, come on, fuck my cunt, shove that hard cock deep into my cunt' before taking the other cock back into her mouth.

Amy couldn't but help herself, she couldn't prevent her fingers from straying down to her own pussy, neither could she prevent her fingers slipping underneath the waistband, nor from stopping them rubbing her clitoris. The scene on the television was beginning to affect her equilibrium, beginning to affect her feelings, the feeling that she needed to be fucked like that, hard, violent. No pretense, no tenderness, hard, dirty fucking. She needed her pussy to be pounded like hers was, needed to feel the fucking. Amy wanted to feel plain, dirty, hard fucking. Not that she was ever left short. Sure he fucked her, sure he fucked her to a finish, but she wanted a dirty fuck, a dirty finish.

Little did she know at that time, at the time she lay back into the couch, draining yet another glass of wine, extinguishing another cigarette. Little did she know that soon, her wishes, dreams, the dirty fuck she wanted, she was going to get. But at that time, she was content to let her fingers slip inside her pussy, to finger fuck herself.

Amy felt her breathing deepen. The affects of the wine, the blonde taking that cock deep, the blonde swallowing the other cock, her fingers buried deep inside her pussy, all affecting her breathing. Clenching her thighs, trapping her hand, she felt herself going over the top, felt the orgasm building from deep within her body, groaning as she felt the upsurge, as she felt the tension, as she felt the juices starting to flow. 'Oh my god' she moaned as she felt her juices flowing, leaking out of her pussy, down the inners of her thighs.

Amy picked up the glass, drained the contents before refilling it with the last of the wine. She looked at the bottle and smiled. Taking off the foil, wiping the neck with a tissue, slipping her panties to one side, she inserted the bottle inside her still wet, soaking pussy. Trying to match the speed of the cock slamming in and out of the blonde's pussy, trying to match the ferocity, Amy used the bottle hard, taking it as deep as she could, feeling her pussy lips parting to accommodate the neck and beyond. The blonde screamed, Amy screamed, a joint scream in a joint orgasm.

Amy lay there, bound to the bedposts, blindfolded, naked, afraid. Why had she fallen asleep? Why had she not heard him come home? Why hadn't she covered herself up again? Why had she left the neck of the bottle buried inside her?

Amy hadn't heard the noise, the door opening, the loud laughter of Carl, nor of his friends, she hadn't heard a thing. All she knew was when she felt the bottle being inserted further, deeper inside her. She felt the silk panties being ripped off of her body, then the brassiere receiving the same treatment. Voices, unfamiliar voices. 'Wow Carl, she's got some mighty fine tits there' Another voice. 'Hey, just take a look at that bald cunt, fucking hell Carl, she's some hot bitch'. Laughter followed the comments, hands groped. Sure, she struggled, sure she kicked out, but it was futile. Hands held her arms , held her legs, the blindfold preventing her from seeing whose cock was being slapped against her breasts, slapped against her mouth. 'Open your mouth bitch'. The voice, deep, not Carl's, certainly not Carl's. Neither was the cock that she readily took in her mouth, readily swallowed as much as she could take before she gagged. 'Suck that cock good bitch' another voice, still not Carl's. The next one was. 'She likes to suck cock guy's, fuck her mouth'. Amy sucked at the cock in her mouth. The image of the blonde came rushing back to her as another cock slammed into her pussy.

Unable to speak, she wanted to cry out, cry out in pure lust. 'Yes, fuck me, slam that cock into my cunt, fuck my mouth'. Words she was unable to utter, the cock filling her mouth, filling her pussy. Her body shuddered, shook as the first wave came over her, as her pussy felt the raw fucking of his cock. Her nipples in pain, pain at the fingers wildly twisting, tugging pulling. She shook violently as she came. The voices egging her on. 'Cum you fucking slut, cum', voices accompanied by hard thrusts, with her nipples being twisted, her breasts being slapped, stung by bare hands.

The cock in her mouth erupted. Desperately she tried to swallow the liquid as it spurted from the cock head. It was never ending, a continuous spurting. Seconds later, her pussy was being filled with more cum, as the cock buried deep inside her exploded, sending the cum deep.

Amy felt the force of both cocks erupting. She gagged as she tried to swallow, she wanted it all, all of it. Swallowing as fast as she could, her body trembling again, another build up, another orgasm raked through her body.

She was then carried through to the bedroom, thrown upon the bed and before she could move, the hands gripped her again. She felt the ropes or whatever they were, being tied to her wrists and ankles. Struggling was futile and it brought sharp, stinging slaps to her breasts.

She lay there, tightly bound. She could hear male voices. Straining, she was sure that she also heard a female voice. Her pleas had been ignored, she pleaded to be let loose, pleaded to be allowed to be free. All the pleas ignored, ignored with a slap to her breasts, to a finger being rammed into her pussy. Ignored with 'Shut the fuck up bitch'. Another voice, strange voice, strange but one she had recognized, one she knew.

She felt the bed moving. Someone was getting on the bed. Amy prepared herself for another onslaught. Her mind raced, her body ached, ached for more cock. This was the dirty fucking she wanted, the one she needed. 'Yes, fuck me more' she whispered, not knowing who the whisper would be heard by, not caring has long as she got fucked again.

Feeling fingers touch her pussy, Amy moaned at the touch. She groaned as the tongue touched her clit, as it licked at the nub. She moaned as she felt the mouth take her clitoris, the teeth gently closing over it, clamping down on it. Amy felt the clit being sucked, felt fingers slipping inside her pussy, fingers stroking her ass, probing her ass. Trying to move, to thrust upwards, she wanted to force her pussy into the mouth that was eating her, eating and licking her so damn good. 'Yess, fuckkk, that feels good' she uttered as she moved her head from side to side. The affect was almost immediate, she needed this, she had been begging for another orgasm. The tongue licked deep, the fingers probed at her ass, then slipped inside as the tongue drove deep.

Amy felt the tenderness, she wanted the dirty, but this was tender, sweet and tender, she felt every lick, every suck, every bite on her clitoris. This was the extreme of the earlier fucking. This was gentle.

She heard voices, coming closer, closer. She felt the room filling, how many, she had no idea. She was there, theirs. To be used, abused, to be fucked, to suck, to swallow.

Hard flesh touched her lips, lips she opened to allow the thick cock into her mouth. She squirmed as the tongue in her pussy moved back to her clit, as it moved back down the slit again, as it slipped inside her pussy lips. The finger in her ass, moving slowly back and forth, sliding in deeper all the time. The cock in her mouth, forcing itself in her mouth, deeper. 'Suck it lady, take this cock into that mouth and suck it'. She didn't need telling, she wanted it, she wanted to suck that cock, and others. This was the dirty fucking she craved, wanted, needed. She was now getting.

The tongue was close to bringing her to another orgasm, close to making her juices flow yet again. She wanted to scream out. Then she heard the voice again. She knew that voice, she knew it was one of Carl's buddy's, a close buddy. 'Suck it good Amy and enjoy Michelle's tongue in your cunt' .

Amy shuddered at the words and then as she came again. The tongue bringing her off was Michelle's. No revulsion, just pure ecstasy as she came. She felt Michelle's mouth close on her pussy, felt her tongue lapping, licking every drop of her cum. She bucked her body, forcing the tongue deeper. The cock in her mouth soon erupted, sending his cum down her throat.

Mixed voices, loud, quiet, gruff and tender. Directing, suggesting, telling, asking.

Mixed size cocks, fucking, pounding. Fingers, probing, twisting her nipples, tugging.

This was dirty sex.

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