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It has been about a month and a half since I found my way to your web sight - and met the love of my life a few days later! I did write a few weeks ago that things were going well, and things continue to get better and better. We have kept some kind of contact each and every day since the day we met six weeks ago. Everything fell in to place immediately. Our first date lasted seven hours - it went from dinner - to two hours in the lounge of the restaurant listening to a really cool band to two hours in a donut shop parking lot watching the snow fall. It gets better and better every time we see each other. He has rescued me off of the highway when my car broke down - TWICE and played chaufer for me during the whole car trouble deal. I have been really sick the last few days, and tonight he made me soup and curled me up under his comforter. He calls me when he knows I am driving in the snow - just to make sure I am ok. There are all these really weird coincedences like our sons and our cats have the same names and lots of other really weird twilight zone things. I am loving every minute of every day with him in my life - and I have your service to thank for him!!! I will continue to keep you posted....

Adult Swingers Personals
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HMMMMMMMMM....what do I put here? LOL I am 32 years old. Divorced mom of 3 children ages 13,12,and 3. But only my 3 year old daughter is here with me. Been involved with a great man named Dean for the past 3 years. But we both recently decided to have an open relationship. (why not try it right?) Hopefully someday I will get lucky and find friends interested, but I either gross people out or people just don't find me attractive cuz I haven't had any luck yet. I guess I am to the point that I want to become a "NONE" all the way around. LOL I think I have a great personality and sense of humor, but who knows. My favorite cartoon character is Eeyore as I am much like him. I love my computer as it's my lifeline to the outside world. I am always open to meeting new people and making new friends.

I'd Like to Meet: Anyone who would like to meet me AND/OR my boyfriend Dean (we are in this together and yes...we both are STRAIGHT & straight only!!!).... Males and females of all ages, shapes, and sizes looking to make a great friend or possibly have a sexual relationship with a serious and true friendship included that hopefully will last a lifetime. Someone who we can hang out with and who wouldn't mind hanging out with us. The sex thing is really cool, but an honest, true and serious friendship has to come along with it!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

35yr old hot and horny lady brown hair ,hazel eyes and a nice tight wet pussy . nice looking and ready for the ride.This lady can throat the best of them. Astud...must be equipted with the right package and have stamina to handle long blow jobs and still be able to fuck you like it!!

Indyhottie I am simply seeking men, women and couples who enjoy having fun. I work full time in a business setting and I like to wind down after work and on the weekends with good friends. Sexual friends are even better for me. Just so you know, you have to take a little time, but not a whole lot, to get to know me before anything will happen. Weekends are best, but weekdays can work for me if you can do that as well. I am bisexual, so women and couples, you can write as well. I am into most everything, I like it it wild as well as casual. SAFE SEX is a MUST, no way around that. I love to use toys and love to use my strap on with others. I just basically like to have a good time all the time, but like to make friends along the way as well. So, to save on tokens, send me a way to contact to quicker. Hope to hear from you VERY VERY soon.
tvdoorShe is 5-4 120 bi, he is 5-9 200 straight, we are both in great shape. Work out 5 day's a week we are both in our early 40's. Looking for couples or singles to have great sex. We love people who stay in shape. Thats a plus.

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My old friend Audrey appeared at my front door like a kindergartner sent home with note to her parents. "You haven't prepared me!" she said, pointing her finger at me. "Oh, what have I done now?" I said, pulling her into the kitchen. "It's what you haven't done," Audrey insisted. "You take me into your cozy home where we talk about surf breaks and lasagna recipes and weird dog tricks, but you never tell me what's going on in the wide world of radical sex!" I blew my mouthful of mint tea into the sink. "And what, pray tell, don't you know about sex, little girl?" Audrey is as old as I am, and we've traveled down many of the same paths. In fact, our lovers bear an uncanny resemblance to each other. "This is serious. I've been invited to my first sex party..." "Oh please," I interrupted. "Don't try to pretend that you haven't been in a group grope before." "That was the '80s!" Audrey said, wounded. "That was fooling around in a hot tub with a line of cocaine on a make-up mirror! This time I'm going to a real, 21st century sex party with all the trimmings -- full dungeon, full latex -- not to mention I have a real date and we're both going stone-cold sober. You would not believe the list of things he told me we could do." "It can't be anything you haven't thought of before." "It is! I mean, what am I supposed to do about this electricity thing they're all into?" "I assume you're talking about those weird electrical devices that people give each other a little jolts with," I said, and pretended to zap her with my finger. "I don't think that's so funny. I can't believe you're so calm about it -- doesn't anything ever frighten you?" "Audrey, are you really frightened?" I raised one eyebrow. "I think you're having a case of pre-prom nerves. You can't stand that you don't know more about sex than your date for a change. But isn't that fun? A little bit of a thrill to be the novice?" "Maybe..." Audrey twirled her long hair around her fingers. "But I still don't want to be laid out on a slab and electrocuted." I was never going to be able to swallow my tea if she kept this up. "Is that really what your new beau wants? Or did he tell you that some people might be playing that game?"

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