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A Sexy Wife: Jamie's Night Out
It was Friday night and my wife Jamie was getting ready to go out by herself. She wasn?t going just anywhere, but to a swing club to find a hot man to make love to her. We have been into swinging for a while, but the idea of her finding a well endowed lover and bringing him home has always been a turn on and never happened. As I was going to find out, tonight would be different?

Let me describe Jamie to you. She is 35 and 130lbs. Her body is to die for 36C (natural and so firm) 26-36. She is incredibly looking, and has a smile that makes you melt. People have said she is a Sandra Bullock look alike.

Jamie came home from work and took a nap. She wanted to be rested for her evening. She woke up and then took a bubble bath and carefully shaved her pussy until it was silky smooth. She had me feel it to see if it was as smooth as the first time we were together. It was so silky. Thoughts started to go through my mind as Jamie prepared for the evening. Would tonight be a night that she wouldn?t forget. The thought of her seducing a well-hung stud right before my eyes drove me to great excitement. She dressed in a seductive outfit. With her nipples visible and the shortest of her black mini-skirts. Something that I would find out later is that she wore rubber crotchless panties and had her cunt lips wedged through the panties for easy access.

Off she went. As I kissed her goodnight, I had no idea of the evening that was in store. An hour passed. Jamie called and was at the club. She was having a fun time dancing, but had not seen a man that interested her. She telephoned me and told me so. It was 10pm. That would be the last I heard from her for two hours. The next phone call I received would be well after midnight. The two hours passed slowly, but I enjoyed them as I fantasized about a hot young lover taking my wife in his arms and drawing her close on the dance floor. She had a habit of holding men close to her as she danced with them. Feeling their pants and holding their meat as she found how large her new lover could be.

I turned on a movie at our home and fantasized that it was my wife that was taking a huge dong slipping and sliding all around in her whom. I thought about her taking a man?s jism and having it drip out of her. Something that had never happened with a stranger. But, I knew that my fantasy was so wild, that it probably wouldn?t come true. Little did I know that Jamie had found a hunk of a young stud. He was a first timer at the club and was the attraction of all women as he walked in. Jamie flirted with him and decided that he was the one. She made her move and danced with him for a while. She later told me that she was so turned on that she could feel her wetness against the cold air under her labia and open through her slick open crotch panties. That was just the beginning.

The phone rang at 12:15. I answered it and Jamie told me ?honey, I have found a lover for this evening?. ?I am coming home and you should be waiting?. The thought of this fantasy happening excited me so much. I prepared the bed that we sleep on for my wife to take this man into her body. Wow.. Now time stood still. In 15 minutes times. The garage door opened, and I knew that my wife and her lover where coming up the stairs. I waited with great anticipation. My cock was hard and my heart was pounding. In came Jamie and Scott. He was as handsome as she said. He was 29 years old; over 6 feet tall and built like a stud. His pants fit his body nicely and you could see the bulge that my wife had produced through the past two hours of flirting.

Then the fun began. I talked with Scott for a few minutes while my wife went upstairs and put on lingerie that we had recently bought. She wore patent leather boots up to her knees and a black outfit that exposed her large breasts and tight round ass. She was ready for the action. Jamie started to seduce Scott and I realized that she was lost in her own world. While I was in the room, I could have been miles away. She was so turned on by her lover that she moved to him in a manner I had never witnessed. Jamie then looked at me and said it was time for them to go to our bedroom and that I should wait for a while. I obeyed. As I started to make my way up the stairs, I heard a noise in my bedroom. It was Jamie. She was between Scott?s legs and licking him from underneath his balls all around to his large head of his cock. I looked in amazement as he started to grow. My wife had found the well-endowed man that she had fantasized about. She was lost in the moment as she licked and sucked and kissed him all over his body.

She then went into the bathroom for a moment to freshen up. I thought to get a few condoms for her wild night. When I walked in she was putting on some perfume and rubbing her cunt. She looked at me and said: ?honey, tonight we will not need any protection, Scott is going to make love to me and is going to cream in my whom several times? I looked at her in amazement. I had never heard these words before. Then, without A minute?s more time, she left me in the bathroom. Scott also told me that he wanted me to videotape the next few hours and that he was now in charge. I was getting my fantasy. Jamie was going to be full of her lover?s cum and drip it out all over the sheets that we sleep on.

Slowly, Jamie raised her hips over Scott?s 10 inch dick. It was thick and was ready for my wife. She slowly looked back at me behind her as she spread her legs above him and mounted the cock of her new man unprotected and with lust in her eyes.. They fucked for what seemed to be hours. I saw his thick penis slowly penetrating her and getting all wet with my wife?s cum. Then he mounted her with her on her back. He pumped for a while then slowly started to say he was coming. He pulled out and creamed all over her belly. But Jamie wasn?t satisfied. She took a handful of her lovers? jism and lubed his cock and slid it back into her body. It was so wild. The continued to be intimate for well over an hour. She told him she wanted a full load of his jism in her body. I was excited to hear it and looker forward to the moment. Then it came. He mounted her again in a missionary position and slowly pulled his cock in and out of my wife. I saw him getting harder and thicker. Then with a grunt, he shot a load deep in to my Jamie?s unprotected women. She took it all and then turned over for me to take a picture with the video camera of a load of cum dripping out of her cunt. He spread her lips with both hands so we could get a better view.

The she told me to come over and suck on her filled cunt. It was full of his cum and hers and was dripping from all sides. She then asked me to insert my cock and fuck her with the lube created by Scott?s jism. I slowly entered my wife and felt a cum filled pussy warm with pleasure. She moaned as she took his cock in her mouth and looked at me. She said: ?do you feel my new lover?s cum?? I said yes. She then told me that he was going to be her lover for a while and that I could have her sloppy cunt after she finished each time. My fantasy had come true Jamie was now a slut wife and is planning on balling Scott for a time to come...

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